As heard in webinars about the PS-Prep program, and stated in the many postings about PS-Prep on this website, a definite degree of caution is necessary as the PS-Prep program moves closer to announcing its final terms of auditor training and organization certification and organizations are beginning to evaluate a certification process for their organization by a 3rd party certified body.

Our staff also continues to receive questions from individual readers about this topic, and with this point in mind, we direct our readers to a recent article written by John A. DiMaria, entitled “Buyer Beware – PS-Prep Auditor Training and Organization Certification”, and posted on the Disaster Recovery Journal website

We welcome comments and reactions to the claims made in this article, and ask our readers to share their own experiences regarding this controversial topic in order to help us better inform the readership of this website.

Click here to read Mr. DiMaria’s full article.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those business continuity, disaster preparedness and recovery and organizational risk management team members in your organization.

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