In the aftermath of the Gulf of Mexico’s Deep water Horizon Oil Spill (the nation’s worst environmental disaster), governmental emergency management teams faced the reality that more effort is required to proactively begin building relationships with private sector preparedness partners.

In a recent article written by Austen Givens, entitled,Deep water Horizon Oil Spill Is an Ominous Sign for Critical Infrastructure’s Future”, you can review the methodology that Givens uses to make that strong case for the need to have our government’s emergency managers engaged with the private sector in cooperative efforts of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery efforts.  The objective of his article is expressed best when Austen Givens states, “…The Deep water Horizon disaster offers countless lessons for emergency management on the need to forge deep, lasting ties with the private sector. With 85 percent of the nation’s critical infrastructure in the hands of businesses, and complex system failures becoming an increasing reality for emergency managers, building bridges across the public-private sector divide is imperative for emergency managers in government.”

In short, critical infrastructure in our communities is vulnerable to disruption and the private sector — not government — is in charge of most of it.  And, if that private sector is going to be adequately prepared for that interaction, then everything must be done to support continuous improvement of disaster preparedness levels throughout the private sector. The PS-Prep program is certainly qualified to be one of the players to make that happen. This story by Givens brings our attention to this matter in a very relative way.

This website has set an objective to provide a one-stop location to learn about and be provided with ongoing updates of developments in the PS-Prep program.  Our staff continues to welcome comments and input from our readers to help us achieve that goal.

Read more about Austen Givens’ position on this timely and critical infrastructure-related topic.

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