If your organization offers programs that can help communities recover and rebuild after a disaster, then our staff would like to focus your attention on a web-based tool, known as the National Disaster Recovery Program Database (NDRPD).

This tool was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and will provide data on a range of programs from all levels of government along with the private and non-profit sectors in order to help communities rebuild after a disaster.

If you would like your disaster recovery tools and programs to be listed in the online National Disaster Recovery Program Database, or would like to be granted rights to enter and manage your program’s information on the NDRPD site, you can click here   to access the NDRPD User Guide to find out more details and information to make that happen.

If applicable, please pass this along to those PS-Prep strategy planning members in your organization.

Photo courtesy of carlonetech.com

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