A recent article written by Ms. Smith and posted on the NetworkWorldCommunity website caught the eye of our staff — and — given this website’s commitment to report on all matters concerning information security, network security and the protection of private rights of individuals – especially when we noticed that Santa Claus was being flagged for the “Do Not Fly” watch list — we were obliged to bring this article to the attention of our readers.

From the article’s information, and a statement from Mrs. Claus, it appears that “…after shoppers at a famous retailer were encouraged to report suspicious activity observed from in-store videos, names on the naughty list skyrocketed and it crashed the North Pole Naughty or Nice database. Since the flood of “bad people” names originated in America, Santa felt compelled to travel to the U.S. for a fact finding mission. Flying commercial also would give him a first-hand look to observe activities of the TSA to see if claims by many citizens were true or not. Santa wanted to know what was happening to America.”

To get the full story from this investigative trip by Santa, and find out the conclusions reached by Santa regarding this trip, CLICK HERE.

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