While many of our readers, and the organizations in which they work, strive to improve their abilities to comply with privacy rights regulatory requirements (federal, state, local, etc.), we found a recent posting on the Health IT Strategist and ModernHealthcare.com website to be both relevant and interesting regarding this topic of privacy rights for individuals.  

In this posting, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), a 16-year-old public interest research organization  based  in Washington,  claims that “…when it comes to privacy, the Obama administration is like a distracted student with a lot on his plate”. 

In its report card this year for medical privacy, and according to EPIC, the administration has slumped to a B from an A- last year.

Additionally, according to the report, “Privacy experts are underrepresented on key committees, and the willingness of the White House to press for strong safeguards for patients remains unclear.” The authors continued: “With millions of patient records moving online, we think the White House needs to show more effort. This has been a strong subject for the administration in the past. It can be so again.” 

If this information is relevant and applicable to you, please pass it along to those privacy rights, information security specialists, and data security policy team members in your organization. 

Click here to view the original posting by the Health IT Strategist website, and click here to view the report card for the Obama administration

Please share your opinions, disagreements and/or comments regarding this posting with the readership of this website.  Thank you.

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