In a recent posting on the ITBusinessEdge website, we found what our staff believes to be as one of the better “short and to the point” blog entries dealing with the topic of user privacy.  The other reason we like this posting is that we see this posting directed to a larger audience than just the audience of users on Facebook. 

When you look at the “Five Facts Facebook Should Know about Privacy” presented in this posting

            ●          Privacy Is Not Dead

            ●          Privacy Is an International Affair

            ●          Lip Service Won’t Cut It with Regulators

            ●          Simpler is Better for Users

            ●          Pushing the Envelope is not Always Worth It 

….. we believe that you too will see these facts as real and substantial elements of sound advice for anyone who is seriously concerned in general with protection of their rights to privacy.  

To read more of the details and information added to each of these presented facts, click here 

Nonetheless, and certainly not meant to belittle the concerns of Facebook users and the protection of their rights to privacy, we have also gathered some other related articles about privacy in general that we suggest should be added to the reading list of all organizational team members who are accountable for protecting the privacy rights of their associates along with all social networking related compliance risks and future information security audits facing their organization.  Those articles are titled: 

Seven Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook 

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg announces new Privacy Tools 

U.S., D.C. Officials Call for Probe into Google’s Inadvertent Privacy Breach 

Facebook Pushes the Boundaries of Online Privacy Again 

Our staff hopes that you find this reading material relevant and valuable, and we ask again that you share your own comments on this topic so that our community of readers can be better informed and more valuable assets to their organizations.

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