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In a recent article written by NICOLE PERLROTH a potential risk mitigation event was revealed and should be cause for all organization’s to re-verify that camera’s used in their corporate board rooms are properly and verifiably protected from hackers.

Ten years ago, videoconferencing systems were complicated and erratic, and ran on expensive, closed high-speed phone lines. Over the last decade, however, videoconferencing — like everything else — migrated to the Internet.

Now, many businesses use Internet protocol videoconferencing — a souped-up version of Skype — to connect with colleagues and customers. Most of these new systems were designed with visual and audio clarity — not security — in mind.

Click here to read this full article and become aware of how easily professional security experts were able to hack into the board room conference cameras of unsuspecting companies of all sizes.

If applicable, please pass this info along to those risk management and IT / information security team members in your own organization.

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