The hospital that is treating Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. and other victims of the Jan. 8 shooting incident in Tucson, Ariz., deserves our highest praises for the care given not only to Rep. Giffords, but, we are sure the same is true for all of the patients under the care of this facility.  And not trying to diminish this point at all, our staff would like to bring our reader’s attention to an important privacy issue that this facility addressed when University Medical Center (UMC) announced Jan. 12 that it had fired three staff members for inappropriately accessing confidential medical records. In addition, a contracted nurse also was terminated by the nurse’s employer for this privacy related violation. 

In a recent article written by Howard Anderson, posted on the HealthcareInfo Security website, and entitled “Great Work on Records Snoops Crackdown”, more details are provided regarding the actions taken by UMC to protect the privacy of not only Rep. Giffords but of all its patients. 

Click here to read Mr. Anderson’s full posting about this issue.

Is your organization doing all it can to prevent and detect breaches? Are you sure? And if so, how are those actions being monitored, measured, continuously improved, and communicated to the organization?

If you believe this information is applicable, please pass it along to the privacy rights, HR privacy control and regulatory risk management team members in your organization.

As consistently presented on this website – the control and management of privacy rights of individuals and organizations matter.   They must also be an important part of the total business continuity planning process for any organization.

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