In a recent article written by Leischen Stelter, and posted on the Security Director News website, a strong case was made whereby detecting terrorism activity is everyone’s responsibility.  This is a message that our business continuity and preparedness teams need to stress and convey within the business continuity plans of their organizations, but, more importantly, to train employees and associates on how to look for and recognize suspicious persons and behaviors.

In this article, Larry Barrett, member of the DHS Office of Bombing Prevention, estimated that “…85% of the U.S. nation’s critical infrastructure is controlled by private corporations.”

Much of the message of this article also comes from the information provided in a recent workshop titled “The Private Sector Counterterrorism Awareness”, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and hosted by the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA).

Since it has been found that most private companies do not include the potential for terrorist attacks, secondary hazards, and entrapment devices into their business continuity and security risk management plans, we recommend reading this article to better understand if and how your organization must consider these risks before completing their plans.

CLICK HERE to read this article.

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