The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has exposed the world to the fact that this industry seems to lack the level of readiness necessary to mitigate the many and challenging risks of deep-water oil exploration projects.  This was the position taken in a recent article published on the Homeland Security Newswire website.  (Read more…)

Nonetheless, it is not the purpose of this posting to directly address all of the many issues based on the history surrounding the decision to launch the Deepwater Horizon rig project, the current steps being taken to contain this oil spill as much as possible to minimize the damage to the environment, nor the future actions or decisions pending regarding this incident.

Rather, the purpose of this story is to point out to our disaster recovery team members that as events and decisions unfold regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, those business continuity, disaster recovery and risk management managers need to observe this unfortunate occurrence as if it were a BC/DR management case study and take from it, those actions or inactions that might be valuable inputs to your own organization’s disaster recovery planning efforts.

Issues such as compliance risks, contingency plans, business continuity planning, risk management policies and procedures and disaster recovery training are just a few of areas that would apply.

To stay on top of the many developments on this disaster recovery and containment effort in the Gulf of Mexico, we would also advise our readers to click here for ongoing situation reports on this oil spill matter or click here  to view the Official Site of the Deep Water Horizon Unified Command.

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