Our staff believes that risk management methodologies and practices are in a constant state of change as the global footprint of doing business today expands.   As a result, a challenge exists where a higher level of  preparedness is now being presented as a shared responsibility to be addressed more collectively now than ever by organizations, communities, governments and individuals.

Recently, our staff presented these thoughts to the Personal Recovery Concepts team, and after much discussion, a decision was reached to present a white paper on the topic to our readership.  The title selected for that whitepaper is “The Impact of People Continuity on Organizational Resilience”.

You can read this whitepaper by clicking on the link below….


As always we welcome your thoughts and comments, and we ask that you share them with our readership…

And if you found value in reading this whitepaper, please share it with the business continuity, risk and crisis management, and disaster preparedness team members in your organization.

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