Today, McAfee released the “Operation Shady Rat” report to coincide with the start of the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, an annual meeting of security professionals who promote security and fight cybercrime.  Dmitri Alperovitch, V. P. led the McAfee Internet threat intelligence group, who was primarily responsible for this report, claims this report reveals an unprecedented cyber-espoinage campaign and intellectual-property hacking activity that dates back to mid-2006.

Alperovitch also states, “…Companies and government agencies are getting raped and pillaged every day. They are losing economic advantage and national secrets to unscrupulous competitors, and, this is the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in history.  The scale at which this is occurring is really, really frightening.”

Read Alperovitch’s full report.

Additional reading regarding this report:

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(RAT stands for “remote access tool,” a type of software that hackers and security experts use to access computer networks from afar)

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