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With 2012 now well on its way, online privacy related risks will become an important issue to information security and risk management team members in today’s global village of organizational inter-relationship activities, as well as, for the growing number of consumers who are relying more and more on online communication tools and applications to conduct their day to day purchases.

As online businesses grew in 2011 – through innovative technologies in advertising, cloud services and mobile apps – the call for improved levels of online privacy controls rang loudly and repeatedly throughout the industry.

With the collection and usage of consumer data spreading like wildfire across a myriad of emerging online businesses, 2011 was a year of extraordinary change for online privacy,” said Chris Babel, CEO of TRUSTe.   “Along with the excitement about the potential of innovative online technologies, the industry was also forced to address both trepidation and concern for the safety and respect of consumers’ personal privacy. TRUSTe  is pleased to share some of our privacy expectations for the New Year.”

Leveraging its unique vantage point, TRUSTe  posted on the ITBusinessEdge website  the following predictable events or trends to take place in the year ahead:

  1. There will be increased levels of activity by the FTC to go after websites with high levels of privacy violations related to 3rd party tracking.
  2. Mobile self-regulatory guidelines regarding online behavioral advertising (OBA) will grow In 2012.
  3. Knowledge of and practical applied experience with laws and regulations regarding privacy will become an even hotter job skill to have in 2012.
  4. There will be much more use of location-based technologies.
  5. Yanks abroad will most likely be forced to follow the EU individual privacy standards whenever doing business in Europe.
  6. Most likely there will be no comprehensive privacy legislation passed by the U.S. Congress in 2012.
  7. One of the 2012 Presidential candidates will announce plans for a new cabinet post — Secretary of Online Privacy.

If any of our readers have come across additional privacy related predictions for 2012, please share them in the comments section below…..

If applicable, pass this information along to those risk mitigation specialists in your organization who might view an online privacy breach issue as a serious economic disruptive event to their organization.

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