One of the more popular issues talked about by our business continuity planning teams during 2009, involved the necessity to test your business continuity, disaster recovery or contingency plans on a regular basis.

Many articles and comments received by our website about testing plans focused on the fact that in performing the tests of those plans, all too often there is so much emphasis on the evaluation of the performance of your people, processes, and technology that you can easily overlook the evaluation of the usefulness of the actual plan itself.

To further explore this perspective, we would like to have you read an article written by John Jackson and posted earlier this year on the Continuity Insights website.

John Jackson, is a co-founder of Fusion Risk Management, a member of the Continuity Insights Editorial Advisory Board, and long time supporter of our business continuity and risk management community.

CLICK HERE  to read the entire article to better understand  John Jackson’s  assumptions, and defense of his position to address his claim that “…(1) most tests are overly planned and, therefore, not truly representative of a disaster event, and (2) most people never test their actual recovery plan; they only test their test plan “.

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