According to a recently released survey this October, the majority of U.S. small and mid-sized business owners believe Internet security is critical to their success and that their companies are safe from ever increasing cyber security threats yet almost eighty percent (80%) have no formal cyber security policies in place within their organizations.  Could these findings indicate that many, if not most, U.S. SMBs suffer from a false sense of preparedness and awareness of just what levels of cybersecurity reality actually exist withing their organizations?

A high level summary of a few of the findings in this report indicate:

  1. Small and mid-sized businesses are increasingly dependent on the Internet,
  2. In practice, most small and mid-sized businesses do not a formal written Internet security policy for employees,
  3. The majority of SMBs think having a strong security and online safety posture is good for their company’s brand
  4. A strong disconnect exists among U.S. SMBs between perceptions of cyber security preparedness and reality.

“We recognize that most small business owners are focused on running their businesses, and have limited resources and IT staff dedicated to managing their cyber security needs. Unfortunately, cyber criminals are increasingly making small businesses their targets, knowing they are likely to have fewer safeguards in place to protect themselves,” said Cheri McGuire, Vice President of Global Government Affairs and Cybersecurity Policy at Symantec. “It’s important for small businesses to educate their employees on the latest threats and what they can do to combat them. Education, combined with investment in reliable security solutions, provides small business owners with a well-rounded approach to protecting their businesses and managing cyber risk.”

Click here to read more of the results and findings from this report.  If applicable, then please pass this information along to those information and network security team leaders in your organization.

This survey was sponsored by Symantec and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NSCA) and was conducted by Zogby International.

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