AVG Technologies, recently announced results of a report they commissioned —which surveyed 8,000 online and mobile consumer behaviors of individuals in 35 major U.S. cities, where they owned an Internet-connected device and had Internet-access at home between the dates of 5-22 August, 2011.

The top 10 U.S. cities at highest risk and most vulnerable to online threats as reported from that survey are:

1. San Antonio
2. Tampa, Fla.
3. Atlanta
4. Dallas
5. Oklahoma City
6. Charlotte, N.C.
7. Detroit
8. Denver
9. Washington D.C.
10. Sacramento, Calif.


Of the more than 8,000 Americans surveyed with access to Internet at home:

  • 23% don’t back up the data on their PC
  • 38% admit to sharing online passwords with at least one other person
  • 41% never run a manual antivirus scan to ensure computer is virus free
  • 67% don’t use an identity monitoring service

Read more about this survey and find out if your home, your community or your workplace environment resides in one of those highest risk cities in the U.S.

You may wish to share that information with those risk management, information security or business continuity team members in your organization as well as with those disaster preparedness teams in your community.

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