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According to new research results from a CompTIA study, organizations have stated that they will increase their use of electronic discovery.

CompTIA is a leading trade association for the world’s information technology (IT) industry, and their recently released report findings came from more than 650 IT professionals surveyed.  Some of the highlights of the report are:

53 percent of those surveyed expect the use of e-discovery within their organizations to increase over the next five (5) years,

50 percent of organizations surveyed have already developed an e-discovery strategy, either partial or comprehensive, and

26 percent indicate that their organization has no official e-discovery strategy but have engaged in e-discovery processes informally.

The CompTIA survey also identified situations that most often trigger the use of e-discovery. They include:

  • Investigating an employee suspected of violating company rules (cited by 66 percent of survey respondents)
  • Security breach stemming from an outside threat (62 percent)
  • Pending lawsuit (60 percent)
  • Intentional internal security breach (53 percent)
  • Unintentional internal security breach (44 percent)

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To read more about this report, click here.

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