As more of our readers become aware of and actually begin to start implementing more personal preparedness activities in their families, businesses and local communities, more appreciation will begin to happen regarding new technologies that help those personal preparedness tasks be faster, better and cheaper.

Such is the case with a new smartphone app called StopDisaster by Studio Seneca  © 2011 All Rights Reserved.

This new disaster preparedness app puts the power in your hands to :

* Get ready with emergency relief kits to prevent disasters from causing permanent harm to your home and family
* Take charge in 16 different disaster scenarios, from power outages and blizzards to earthquakes and hurricanes
* Provide extra protection and comfort to pets, children, elderly and people with disabilities in emergencies
* Be the go-to contact with emergency numbers, meeting points and social media at the ready

This app includes:
* Step-by-step emergency relief kit prep, with prioritized action checklists covering must-haves, useful items and added comforts in case of emergency
* Countdown timers to alert you when food, documents or medicine in your emergency kit are about to expire
* Emergency response planners, including contact lists, meeting points and social media access
* Top 3 need-to-know pointers for all 16 of the most likely disaster scenarios worldwide, from electrical fires to earthquakes
* Auto-generated shopping lists to get your emergency relief kit together.

Click here to learn more about this useful BC/DR tool.

If applicable, please pass information along to those business continuity, risk management and disaster preparedness team members in your organization.

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