In a recent article written by John Brandon and published in an October issue of the Processor magazine, the concept that disaster prevention is challenging a lot of the conventional and established thinking about disaster recovery was discussed from a variety of viewpoints.

We think this topic and this article in particular would be a timely resource for all business continuity and disaster recovery planning groups and in this article you can find a good representation of recent and developing components that our writing teams believe will support the paradigm shift in thinking that is going on in the business continuity and disaster planning community.

A short listing of points discussed in this article could be summarized as stated below:


     Restores data to its original state

     Can include collocation of data center(s)

     Critical to business continuity

     SME’s must do DR because prevention is not a given

     Expensive for a comprehensive DR plan


     Alerts staff about data center problem(s)

     Offers minor data center problem(s)

     Easier to predict and control

     Less costly than disaster recovery

     Encourages management and backup

Whether you agree with the positions presented by Mr. Brandon in this article or not, two constant themes emerge; (1) either disaster recovery or prevention plans should always evolve and align with ongoing changes in technology, and (2) business continuity planning will always be a complex process involving not just disaster recovery and prevention, but also, security, government compliance and business process.

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