One of the primary benefits of this website is to bring developing information, ongoing research data and business continuity community input into a single resource for its readership.

With PS-Prep now becoming more and more of an important part of the preparedness and resilience elements in an organization’s business continuity philosophy, methodology and/or plan, we turn to one of our favorite sources on the topic of PS-Prep to assist those efforts.

That source is the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) New York University.

In this particular posting, however, we are going to concentrate on InterCEP’s resource offering regarding building a business case to include Preparedness and Resilience in the strategic planning and organizational goals of your organization.

One of the ways, InterCEP can help your team build that business case is by sharing the business cases of others trying to achieve that same goal for their own organizations.  As an added benefit, InterCEP then encourages  those readers to comment upon and contribute their feedback to the continual improvement and effectiveness of those business case presentations.

We believe that this is good way to assist the planning and preparation efforts of your internal teams as they not only develop and make their own business case presentations to upper management, but also, as they can capitalize on the best practices of others discovered in this classic benchmarking activity.

If you would like to quickly review an annotated bibliography that InterCEP offers to help you build your business case for preparedness, CLICK HERE.

Good reading and good luck to your efforts in this exercise…..

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