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The Labor Day holiday is now over, and, as students all around the United States have now started their new school year, in this month of September 2012, all citizens are called to remember that throughout our country’s history, disaster events –both natural and caused by decisions made by man – have challenged the preparedness capabilities and the very fabric of our country in the past, and, certainly can do so again in the future.

To this point, and as we begin this year’s National Preparedness Month (“NPM 2012”),  our staff would like to remind our readers that President Obama has proclaimed September to be National Preparedness Month.

To help renew a commitment to promote emergency preparedness in homes, businesses, and communities nationwide, and to build an America more ready and resilient than ever before, everyone is again also encouraged to visit the  or website.

To assist our readers on the disaster preparedness front this NPM 2012, our staff would like to recommend two (2) new FREE smartphone apps from the Insurance Information Institute:

  1. “Know Your Stuff® – Home Inventory”, the Insurance Information Institute’s free online home inventory software (iPhone App)  (Android App).   This application makes creating and updating your home inventory easy and efficient. And with our free, secure online storage you will have access to your inventory anywhere, any time. You never know when a disaster may strike, but you can be prepared with an up-to-date home inventory.
  2. Your Plan®” — Use the “Your Plan” smartphone application to be prepared when disaster strikes! Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, severe cold, evacuations-this app will help you plan ahead to better protect yourself, your family, your home, and even your pets. Get started by using the preloaded checklists to learn about important mitigation and preparation steps, or create your own lists from scratch. You can set due dates, chart your progress, and include notes with your tasks, and share your checklists with family and friends. Get organized now so you can be ready for what may come.

Whatever it is that you, your family, your community or your workplace plan on doing to support NPM 2012, you can be certain that you are taking the right steps necessary to protect your loved ones, your community and your workplace before disaster strikes.

Please pass this information along to those first responder, disaster recovery or crisis management team members where you work and in the community where you live.

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