For many organizations that have supported the initiation of a business continuity plan and the internal business continuity and risk management teams to implement and maintain those plans in 2009 (or earlier), the asking of an important follow-up question may now be necessary — i.e. How well did those plans/teams perform in 2009 and what level of support might they need to both continue and improve those plans in 2010?

This question addresses one of the key activities around which a successful business continuity (“BC”) plan revolves.  That activity involves a measuring methodology of the performance of that BC plan – with particular focus on how the business processes within that business continuity plan are being managed to achieve the stated objectives of that organization.

If your company is now doing such a management review and assessment, then we would like to suggest a reading assignment to help you in that process.

Paul Kirvan, FBCI, CBCP CISSP, has written a recent article in 2009 that presents a metric approach and outline of a two-tier model that can be used to measure the business continuity management performance. 

Most performance metrics are subject to a variety of conditions, requirements and even limitations depending on the objectives of any particular organization.  In fact, once you understand the two-tier model presented, you may want to expand upon that model relevant to the needs and objectives of your own organization.  However, you cannot deny the need, if not necessity,  to formulate and implement such an annual  performance review process for your BC plans.

This website has recommended articles written by Paul Kirvan in the past, and, we continue to monitor his writings to be added to our data base of referral business continuity  content reources. 

CLICK HERE to read this article posted on the  website.

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