The first Mid America Cybersecurity Conference (MACC 2011) sponsored by CyberSeP, will take place October 26-27, 2011 at the new Kansas State University campus in Olathe, Kansas.  The theme for this year’s event is “Cybersecurity: Challenges, Opportunities and Collaboration.”

The organizers of this conference have developed this year’s theme from their emphasis placed on the following “Four Pillars of Excellence”:

  1. Cyber-security education and training: focusing on educating the workforce and future security engineers about cyber-security risks and vulnerabilities, and techniques to address them.
  2. Research: leading to innovation and development of new techniques and tools to meet the increasing cyber-security demands from the industry.
  3. Development and technology transfer: determining specific cyber-security needs for various industrial partners, and identifying how existing tools and techniques can be applied to address those needs.
  4. Certification and validation: creating standards for certifying products and services to deliver high-quality products industry will require.

At this year’s conference, senior executives and IT security leaders from industry, government, and academia will discuss the state of cybersecurity today, and the techniques and technologies and cooperative efforts that can be leveraged to enhance internet security levels in our organizations and communities.

Sally Smoczynski, a contributing writer for this website, will be one of the presenters at this conference, along with Ben Carnevale, the Managing Editor of this website.

CyberSeP is a strategic alliance between NTS, CABEM, NQA and Kansas State University.

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