When disaster strikes and your business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) plan kicks in, will your employees have a place to stay?  Will you be forced to pay sky-high room rates?  If you are a small or mid-sized company, will you be able to compete against the similar demands for housing from large enterprises in your area?

As Michelle Lowther states on her ContinuityHousing website, “We can help answer the question of where mission-critical employees (and their families) will live during the days, weeks and even months when working from home is not an option.”

Other recommendations by Ms. Lowther include:

(1) making sure someone in your organization is in charge of negotiating and managing the contract with the hotel,

(2) training first responders to use issued vouchers, and

(3) having employees check-in and out with a command-center liaison who verifies who should be checked into the hotel and also provides transportation to/from the response site.

Learn more about ways to mitigate the risks surrounding this potential threat …..

If applicable, please this information along to those first response, risk management and disaster recovery and preparedness team members in your organization.

Photo courtesy of blog.gmfus.org

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