In spite of volumes of information available on the importance of managing organizational change and aligning IT with the business, recent surveys and correspondence reviewed by this website reveals that many organizations are still experiencing a significant gap between the services IT provides and those that are needed by the business. 

As part of this website’s education efforts, we suggest that you inform your internal IT Service Management and ISO 20000 team members about the itSMF USA 2010: On-Line Conference series of presentations around this topic.  The presentations can be scheduled to be heard either live on the original presentation date(s) or as a recorded resource to be heard later.

At the same time, we also realize that our readers are fully aware of the significance of managing organizational change and the importance that role plays in supporting the organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery plan strategies.  Certainly having these presentations as an available resource for these planning groups is a good thought as well.

Click here to attend or listen to a presentation.

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