One of our readers suggested that we follow up our recent blog posting entitled, “ISO 31000:2009 – New Risk Management Standard” with a reference to a related article written by Kevin W. Knight and posted on the International Standards for Business, Government and Society website.

Kevin W. Knight AM* is Chair of the ISO working group that developed the new ISO 31000 risk management standard and the revision of ISO/IEC Guide 73, and a founding member of the Standards Australia/Standards New Zealand Joint Technical Committee OB/7– Risk management, and the title of the article is “ISO 31000 and the Icelandic Volcano Crisis”.

We believe that Mr. Knight presents a good case of comparison between companies that were and were not prepared to react in a timely basis to this disruptive incident.

We realize that much was written about the Icelandic volcano eruption, and probably much remains to be written given the ongoing volcano activity forecasted to continue in this area.  However, we believe that Mr. Knight’s analysis through the lens of the ISO 31000 risk management standard offers a unique value for organizations to review, evaluate and relate to their own organization’s risk management philosophy.

Please pass this information along as suggested reading material to those business continuity, risk and crisis management team members in your organization.

Click here to read the full article.

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