Contributed by: Lisa DuBrock

It seems every day ISO approves new standards.  However, the approval of ISO 28002 (Resilience in the Supply Chain) is a standard to be watched in this space.  The Technical Committee ISO/TC 8 of the International Organization of Standards (ISO) has worked hard to get this standard adopted.  It is based on SPC.1 (Organizational Resilience Management System), one of the PS-Prep standards, and provides true linkage to a number of other Standards, including ISO 28000 Security in the Supply Chain and ISO 31000 Principles and Guidelines of Risk Management. 

No discussion on ISO 28002 can go without mention of ASIS and their unwavering support of the 28000 series of standards.  ASIS is also in the forefront of creating Lead Auditor curriculum that is in the final process of being certified by RABQSA, a leader in the world of ISO Lead Auditor Training and Certification. 

What does this certification mean?  Only time will tell, however, with the adoption of the standard as a Full ISO Management System Standard, many hurdles have already been cleared. 

The team wishes to congratulate all involved in this process.

Click here to read more about the ASIS announcement about this standard for resilience in the supply chain approval by ISO.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those risk management or PS-Prep compliance strategy planning teams in your organization. 

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