Over the last several weeks, our staff has received inquiries from our readers regarding the ISO 20000-1 standard, and the need to clarify some common misconceptions between ITIL and ISO 20000-1.

To best address that request, we welcome Subrata Guha to our website as a guest writer and author of a recent whitepaper entitled, “ISO 20000-1: Common Misconceptions”.

Subrata Guha is the Director of IT Services, at UL DQS Inc. and for over 20 years has had hands on experience on the full lifecycle of IT services management processes.  We hope that we can share more of Subrata’s writing talents with our readership in the future and we thank him for his contribution of content to assist in fulfilling the needs of our IT Service Management community.

Click the link below to access Mr. Guha’s whitepaper…

Misconceptions about ISO 20000-1

Please pass this information along to those individuals or team members in your organization, who are responsible for the  IT service management processes, needs and requirements within that organization.

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