As a follow-up informational report, the Business Continuity Institute has recently released a synopsis of the discussions held at its Risk Management Roundtable meeting which was held earlier this year.  This report may be interesting reading for your organization’s information security specialist(s).

A quick summary of the report states, “Business continuity’s origins can be found in IT departments, typically with IT disaster recovery. However, in recent decades, IT has become an increasingly siloed activity within organizations, separated from the business operations of the organizations which it serves. As the current economic environment pushes more and more companies toward outsourcing their IT capabilities, have we now lost visibility of the risks inherent in our existing IT processes and are we blind to the risks posed by new technologies?”

How would your organization’s information security team members answer that question?

If you would like to learn more or add this report to your business continuity or risk management team’s library of reference resources, click here.

If you are interested in also learning more about the “…story behind this report”, then please click here.

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