Cyber war rhetoric around the globeOn this website, cyber security is discussed primarily as an internet related environment regarding and protecting required levels of both individual and organizational information security.  And, given any threats to those security levels, both individuals and organization can potentially be subject to not only economic penalties, but, even more importantly, subject to consequences capable of threatening an organization’s capabilities to “keep its doors open for business”.  This is why our staff often references these cybersecurity related postings under the business continuity and risk management section(s) of this website.

Due to recent developments in the area of cyber-threats, there may be now additional concerns and/or threats categorized under the term “Cyberwar” that can potentially and directly affect an organization’s ability to “keep its doors open for business”.  And, of  course, our staff proposes that this matter be also added to business continuity planning processes if it is determined that such actions could affect an organization.

A recent article written by Eric Chabrow, posted on the GovInfoSecurity website, and entitled “Cyberwar: Reality or Exaggeration?” may be worth noting for some our website’s readership.

Click here to read Mr. Chabrow’s article and be sure to explore the many links related to this topic that are inclusive to his article.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those information security, risk management, disaster preparedness or business continuity team members in your organization.

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