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Our staff has reviewed reader’s comments and requests for more discussions regarding mobile devices along with reference information related to the levels of risk associated with those devices.

In response to those requests, our staff has decided to direct our readers to a recent article regarding  the Google Wallet application.

Google Wallet is a new offering from Google which allows consumers to use their Android device to perform contactless payments at retailers.  It incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and in the initial release supports 1 major credit card as well as some gift and loyalty cards.  Google Wallet is the first real payment system leveraging NFC on Android.

Click here  to view the appWatchdog review of Google Wallet offered recently.

Click here to view the full forensic security analysis of Goggle Wallet upon which the appWatchdog review was based.

If applicable, please pass this cyber security related information along to those information security and risk management IT team members in your organizations, as well as, to those individuals you know who are currently using this Google Wallet application on their Android smartphones. (View  an 85 page Mobile App Security Study focusing on iPhone and Android in the Enterprise)

Hopefully, this information will also open a dialogue with our readers to further explore this growing risk management issue for individuals, organizations and communities where smartphones have quickly become a critical communication tool.

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