While CIO’s often mention security as a major concern when reviewing and evaluating cloud computing services, our research has indicated that CIO’s are finding cloud interoperability issues to be a growing matter of concern as well.

In a recent article written by Laura Smith, posted on the SearchCIO.com website and entitled “Cloud Interoperability Standards Aim for Vendor Independence”, you will find valuable information that may be needed to help your organization determine which cloud computing service offering would work best for that organization.

Moving your company’s team of risk assessment managers beyond a predominant cybersecurity concern over the adaption of cloud computing applications will require not only the availability of current ongoing developments in this cloud technology, but, also access to related resource materials, blogs, and website links that address this interoperability and portability aspect of cloud computing.

If keeping in touch with the progress made regarding standards developed for the cloud is important to your business continuity and information security managers, then you may want to visit a cloud standards wiki website, which was created by a standards development organization, and pass this informational link to those managers.

Click here to access a great one-stop resource location and be sure to avail yourself of searching through all of the links and references offered by Laura Smith.

And, as always, please share your comments on the value of the information we are suggesting for you and your organization, as well as, any additional inputs you may have to help keep our readers in touch with this important topic.

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