With Spring season nearly upon us, floods are a real risk for many companies and a challenge for business continuity planners.

To mitigate this risk, both business continuity and risk management  planners and/or consultants can help your company by performing an effective business impact analysis (BIA) of a flood impacting your business, and, hopefully develop and implement an effective proactive plan to minimize or mitigate potential losses from a flood actually happening and disrupting your business.  

A good BIA analysis requires accurate and timely input of relevant data to be effective.  It is for this reason that we make the suggestion that members of the business continuity and disaster recovery teams within their companies visit the FloodSmart.gov website. 

This website is also the official site of the National Flood Insurance Program and is a great source of planning information regarding a variety of flood risk categories, such as:

      What Causes Flooding

      Defining Flood Risks

      Understanding Flood Maps

      Flood Risk Scenarios

      The Cost of Flooding

      And, More …….

The interactive map of historical flooding patterns on this website can also be a great resource for evaluating potential trends into the future regarding this flood risk and your company’s location(s).

Remember to put this website into your company’s risk library of resources.

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