Private Security Companies Considering Compliance with PSC.1

by Ben J. Carnevale Recently, our staff has been researching developments related to efforts by both the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.K. Foreign Commonwealth Office to support the creation of a certifiable standard for private security operations. This posting will try to address some of those developments and begin this website’s process to now include these activities as consideration and subject matter encompassed by this website’s   objective to keep our readers informed of all related continuity and compliance requirements affecting their companies where they work and their … [Read more...]

Reputational Risk Remains Top Board Concern

Amy Hutchens, general counsel and vice president of compliance and ethics services at Watermark Risk Management International is a contributing writer for this website bringing our reader’s attention to the importance of building strong relationships between organizational ethics and compliance objectives as related to Board Room driven discussions, decisions, policies and strategies. Amy often points out relevant and recent developing stories, articles or reports related to the building of that relationship --- Check out "Compliance Chiefs and Boards: Keys to Building Effective … [Read more...]

ASQ Northern Virginia Section 0511 Meeting Announcement

The larger the organization the more likely it is that there are written instructions about how things are done within that organization. This makes sure that nothing is left out and that everyone is clear about who needs to do what, when and how. When an organization systematizes how it does things, this is often known as a management system. With that thought in mind, it is not surprising to notice that ISO Management Systems are becoming increasingly popular with risk based standards for Information Security, Service Management and Business Continuity. How do these standards (along … [Read more...]

Risk Management Concerns Escalate as Board Oversight Expectations Grow

By: Ben J. Carnevale, Contributing Editor Not many of our readers would argue with the position that there is a rising trend of discussion among our company executives on a need for increased levels of risk management capabilities and focus of improvement expected from regulators, credit rating agencies, institutional investors, customers, and the courts in the United States and the global village where more and more companies are now doing their business. The fact is that in the aftermath of the global financial crisis a growing number of companies and their boards will soon – if not … [Read more...]

e-Discovery Trends Predicted for Prominence in 2013

The topic of e-Discovery remains a major point of discussion for enterprises who must operate in growing litigation driven, regulatory enforced commercial environments, facing ongoing concerns for cost reduction and finally trying to integrate the latest demand for social media and other cyber security related technologies into their work force. And with all of these challenges now beginning to effect organizations of lesser size and with more limited resource capabilities to address these potential threats, it is valuable for those of our readership affected by such e-Discovery dynamics to … [Read more...]

Free Webinar Supports How Good Policies and Procedure Form Foundation of Strong Compliance Programs

Risk mitigation is a major challenge and, at the same time, an opportunity for risk management and business continuity planning activities. When it comes to events such as the HHS’ formal HIPAA Audit Program, as mandated by the HITECH Act, it is becoming more and more clear that an auditor’s first impressions and subsequent on-site visits, reviews and audits will be impacted by the content of the audited organization’s Policies and Procedures. How good are your organization’s policies and procedures? Policies set the stage and serve as an organization’s foundation and initial roadmap … [Read more...]

BSI ISO 22301 Now Available for Purchase

In response to several requests from our readers, our staff would like to announce that business continuity managers and planning teams can now purchase the new international standard for business continuity management (ISO 22301:2012 "Societal Security, Business Continuity Management Systems Requirements") from BSI.  Click here to do so…. The BSI group references the standard as BS ISO 22301 and points out that this new standard identifies the fundamentals of business continuity management and provides a basis for understanding, developing and implementing a business continuity management … [Read more...]

Twitter Positions “Play Down Strategy” for Most Recent Privacy Breach

With so many individuals using Twitter for both work related as well as personal related reasons, you may be interested to know that it was announced on the Pastebin website recently that tens of thousands  of Twitter users’ email addresses and passwords have been dumped online. Unfortunately, with a number that appears relatively low (58,978 as reported)  compared to the total number of total Twitter users (reported as over 140 million), the importance of having a breach at all gets lost in the claim that this breach would have affected only about 0.02% of its user base.  If you were one … [Read more...]

Regulatory Compliance Requires Solid Understanding of Standards, Policies and Procedures

Compliance and regulatory requirements facing today’s enterprise organizations seems to be growing and putting more pressure on both information and physical security practices than they can keep up with – both in time and the money needed to mitigate these ongoing potential risks. In an article written by Ericka Chickowski, she states that the key to bringing equilibrium to this challenge is by having unified policies that can guide security standards and procedures to both minimize risk and comply with regulations now and in the future. Chickowski’s article does a nice job in listing … [Read more...]

Risk Management Required for Top HR-Related Organizational Concerns

Areas of risk for many organizations often come from departments of that organization being overlooked for the true risk potential hidden in the day-to-day operations of that department.  Business continuity planners and risk management team members need to always be aware of and plan for controlling those risks.  Such is the case for the posting below which brings our attention to some top HR compliant concerns for risk and threat potential to those SMB's..... Assumption:  Unlike their large enterprise company counterparts, small and mid-sized companies (SMB’s) too often do not have the … [Read more...]