Recently, a question was submitted from one of our readers, regarding their belief that most physical security professionals do not consider information security to be in the realm of their responsibilities.  Our staff wondered just how much this belief might be shared by our general readership, and the decision was made to poll our readership for their input(s) to this debate of whether or not information security should be in the realm of responsibility for physical security professionals.

To assist that process, the following reference reading articles are available to readers to help them reach a decision on this question….

“Physical and IT Security Convergence: The Basics”

“Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Information Security”

“Information and Physical Security: Can They Live Together?

“Cyber Security versus Physical Security: Smack Down!”

If you found this reading of value, please pass it along to those information security or physical security team members in your organization.  And, given the risk management issues surrounding this potential business continuity planning issue, you may also want to pass this information along to those team members as well.

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