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Information security risks abound in today’s information age.  How many risks below can you correctly match with their definitions?

1.   Virus A.  Deliberate malicious damage or destruction of property.
2.  Worm B.  Illegally implanted non-replicating computer code that does damage to local computer when launched.
3.  Malware C.  Hidden method for bypassing computer’s authentication system.
4.  Botnet D.  A process or state of combustion in which fuel is ignited and combined with oxygen to produce light, heat and flame
5.  Theft E.  Computer program that captures or records keystrokes to illegally obtain passwords or encryption keys.
6.  Rootkit F.  Any type of software that has a malicious intent.
7.  Backdoor G.  Illegally implanted computer code that destroys data when the program is downloaded.
8.  Spyware H.  Army of infected computers formed by a virus that orders the infected machines to follow instructions from attacker.
9.  Keylogger I.  Illegally implanted computer code that intends to take control of the computer operating system without the owner’s consent
10.  Fire J.  An attempt to make computer resources unavailable to intended users.
11.  Trojan Horse K.  A segment of self-replicating, illegally implanted computer code that is intended to damage or shut-down a computer or network.
12.  Vandalism L.  Software that secretly records information about a person or organization.
13.  Distributed Denial of Access M.  The wrongful taking of property of another.

Answers:   1. G, 2. K, 3. F, 4. H, 5. M, 6. I, 7. C, 8. L, 9. E, 10. D, 11. B, 12. A, 13. J.

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