Ian Kilpatrick has recently posted an article on the Continuity Central blog website that identifies growth areas that he believes we should be aware of in 2010.

In his article, Mr. Kilpatrick lists the following growth trends for 2010:

1.     EXtensible Threat Management Systems (XTM’s)

2.     Two Factor Authentication

3.     Encryption

4.     Hosted Security

5.     Internet Filtering

6.     Endpoint Security

7.     Low Footprint Anti-Virus

8.     VoiP Security

9.     Compliance

10.   Convergence of Voice and Data

As security management is always a topic for your compliance management team meetings, and the fact that information security risk will continue to be a challenge to meet for all organizations, these information security management (ISM) trends for 2010 are well worth reading.

Click here to read more details about these trends as predicted by Mr. Kilpatrick.

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