The Symantec Security Response Team findings for 2009 were reported recently in an article written by Kevin Haley.

In this report, the top security trends of 2009 were determined from inputs received from the Global Intelligence Network and the experiences of the thousands of analysts and security experts at Symantec.

While none of the findings may be a total surprise, it is the numbers that really bring out the breadth and width of the problem.

Some of the findings that occurred in 2009 were stated as:

                In May, 2009, 95% of all email was spam

                403 data breaches in 2009 resulted in 220 million exposed records

                There were more than 43 million rogue security software installations

                14.4 million drive-by download attempts occurred in one two-month period

                All major news events are used for social engineering

                Major brands are being appropriated by cybercriminals to lure online victims

CLICK HERE to read more about this Symantec report.

Please pass this link along to your security management team members who are now developing their internal risk analysis reports and writing their 2010 business continuity plan templates and trying to meet their 2010 security compliance objectives.

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