As published in The Business Times and posted on the Business @ AsiaOne  website, the Information Security Forum (ISF) just recently released its “Threat Horizon 2012″ report.

As with so many other postings on this website, we offer this information to all information security, risk management and privacy rights team members of organizations to include in their regularly scheduled meetings.  Some of this information may apply more to one organization than to another as they consider the impact of these scenarios on their business continuity planning strategies.

The report listing of future scenarios that identify key areas of risk to businesses includes at least the following scenarios:

     An over-reliance on the Internet can result in chaos; with banks, airlines and online retailers in the case of a sustained regional or local Internet failure.

     Smart phones and laptops blur the line between business and personal usage, opening the windows to un-trusted software being used for business communications.

     A merger of work and home life can compromise corporate security since e-mail; Internet access and social network use bypass corporate controls in most cases.

     A highly competitive marketplace has given rise to more sophisticated cyber-espionage attacks, from both commercial competitors and organized criminals.

     Initiatives to go green have led to a huge growth in home and remote working, but security systems have not scaled up to accommodate the rapid growth in mobile management.

     Multiple copies of information sitting in multiple locations have led to a toxic info wasteland where companies are unsure which of the multiple copies are right and true.

CLICK HERE to see the full listing of this report’s proposed future scenarios of organizational risk.

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