As an effort to offer related reading resources for business continuity and risk management teams trying to stay on top of recent information security technology and regulatory compliance developments that could impact or affect their organizations, our staff lists the following recent articles for their consideration:

“Mobile Payments and PCI-DSS Compliance: Some, But Not Much Clarity (Yet)”

“Those hoping for mobile payments PCI compliance answers will have to wait a bit longer, the security council says…..” read more

“They’re Baaack!  National Data Breach Notification Bills Resurface”

“Following a string of high-profile data breaches, lawmakers push (again) for federal data breach disclosure….” read more

“Security Concerns Dominate Cloud Confab”

“Vendors participating at the gathering acknowledged that security is still a major stumbling block to cloud adoption”….read more

“Just Say Yes: Why Banning Consumer Devices Makes Your Organization Less Secure”

“Still saying no to employees using iPads, iPhones and other consumer devices on the company network? Al Raymond of PHH Corporation explains why this policy is actually putting your security in peril”… more

“Data Breach Fines Can Risk More Harm Than Good, Experts Say”

“Regulations designed to help guard consumer financial accounts and privacy may start doing more harm than good if taken too far”….read more

“Data Breach Notification Fatigue: Do Consumers (Eventually) Tune Out?”

“Data breach notifications are flying en masse following the Epsilon Interactive breach, but are they doing customers any goodread ?”….read more

“The Problem With Doing –and Not Doing — an iPhone Jailbreak”

“Jailbreak your iPhone or stay off the Internet, say security researchers”… more

“Who Are All These Hacker Groups?”

“Hacker groups that attack or steal—some estimates say there are as many as 6,000 of such groups online with about 50,000 “bad actors” around the world drifting in and out of them—are a threat, but the goals, methods, effectiveness of these groups varies widely.” … more

“JailbreakMe 3.0 and the IOS PDF Flaw: Protect Your Business”

“The cat-and-mouse game between Apple and those who would “liberate” its iOS devices is back on after Wednesday’s launch of JailbreakMe 3.0, a website that hacks iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads to allow software unapproved and undistributed by Apple onto the devices.”….read more

“Private Industry Group Leaps into the Cybercrime Fight”

A consortium of eight companies launched a campaign on Tuesday to provide better training for law enforcement agencies in order to tackle cybercrime, which costs the U.K. economy tens of billions of pounds annually.  Read more

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