One of our often cited reference website blogs is that of  Recently the topic of IT compliance auditing became a popular area of dialogue in the FAQ section of the SearchCompliance  site.  

We have received similar questions from our readers from time to time regarding the topic of auditing and as a result, would like to recommend that your organization’s IT department should read this blog posting for some insights into the topic of compliance auditing of IT.

Some of the questions addressed in this blog are: (1) What is a compliance audit? (2) How are compliance audits different? (3) What regulations require compliance audits? and (4) Who performs compliance audits?

Such IT audits as referenced in this blog, address many issues including the need for policy compliance, a compliance plan(s), compliance tool(s), compliance report(s), and compliance standards.  We hope that you will find this information valuable and worth passing along to your organization’s IT management responsible for maintaining alignment with your operations compliance requirements.

We hope you find this information helpful…..

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