One of our often referenced business continuity management (BCM) websites is that of Continuity Central and today our staff would like to point the attention of our readers to a recent posting on that website dealing with the human aspects of business continuity management.  The BCM information presented comes from a report generated from a recent Business Continuity Institute (BSI) workshop and best of all it is offered free of charge.

The report details the following six (6) presentations from that workshop:

                Why Plan for People?

                So What is “Duty of Care”?

                People in BS25999

                Managing and Motivating during Recovery

                Psychological Impacts of Disruption

                Case Study – Bringing It All Together

…along with the following three (3) discussion exercises:

                BCM and HR – Working Together

                People Issues as Drivers for BCM

                Top Tips for Recovery Planning

We hope you find this information valuable and useful in the support of your own organization’s business continuity program efforts.  And, we ask that you please pass this along to those BC, risk management, disaster recovery and emergency response specialists and team members in your organization.

Click here to download and read the full report.

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