Ham Radio operators play an important role in our nation’s emergency preparedness and disaster recovery capabilities – and certainly, can be relevant in supporting our nation’s National Preparedness Month 2011.

When a problem occurs in our normal crisis communication channels , it is most often that Ham Radio operators provide those needed life-saving communication channels between first responders and other disaster recovery response team members.

In support of NPM 2011, our staff would like to offer you, your organization and/or your community some current and relevant information about this critical “force multiplier” resource in any emergency and crisis management process.

The following information links are great to add to the resource libraries of your community’s disaster preparedness and recovery teams, as well as, additional reading materials for your organization’s business continuity planning teams:

1.  Podcast Recording of 16 Aug, 2011 with Chris Plunkett’s Disaster Recovery Hour talking with John Gremendi about the important role ham radio operators play in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery activities.

2.  Amateur Radio Services offering from the Federal Communications Commission.

3.  Ham Radio Emergency Preparedness informational video.

4.  Amateur Radio/FEMA/CERT general information offered by Radiofrequency Safety International’s Virtual University

If you are aware of additional sources of information regarding Ham Radio’s role in emergency preparedness, please share them with our readership.

Photo courtesy of osdma.org


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