An important element of an organization’s ability to keep its doors “open for business” is to be on constant lookout for those internal and external risks that might disrupt its daily “business-as-usual” capabilities. 

And, while much has been written concerning the impact that the Pandemic H1N1 Influenza might have on an organization’s workforce, we would like to point our readers to an area that we believe may often be overlooked.  That area involves knowing the level of insurance coverage your organization has in place to offset the potential economic loss an organization may incur because of H1N1 influenza related and unexpected levels of absenteeism in its workforce.

Bottom line is that you need to have a clear understanding of your organization’s health insurance policy protection limits resulting from the H1N1 influenza, but,  as important, and with the potential for an increased demand for health care services caused by the Swine Flu this Fall, you now need to be more aware of the specific details within your plan than ever before.

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