As a growing number of mobile and wireless devices become a part of business processes in so many organizations, it seems obvious that more companies must now be addressing the need to manage these new process components.

We imagine that this situation is already on the radar screens of information security and corporate compliance managers in those organizations and thus is an important part of many meetings where those present are held responsible for mitigating this critical risk management issue for those organizations.

In a recent article posted by Susan Hall on the ITBusiness Edge website, however, we seem to find just the opposite to be the case.  This article claims that many companies have not yet chosen to actually create a mobile or wireless policy for their companies.

If you are one of those companies and perhaps you are facing an internal informational technology security audit where this risk has been identified and now you need to mitigate this risk ASAP, then we recommend reading this article.

In it you will find links to sample policies on wireless networking, wireless security access, and how to use wireless technology securely, and, hopefully this information  will assist the writing and implementation of necessary new policies or updates to the existing policies within your organization.

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