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As a response to several comments recently received by our staff on the topic of GRC, this posting will address related questions such as:  (1) Why are the areas of organizational compliance and risk requirements becoming more complex?  (2) Where does corporate culture fit into a risk management program? (3) How do you know or measure that risk management programs are performing? Or finally, (4) How do you get all of your organization’s players on the same page regarding how to handle these risk issues?

To best offer that response, our staff would like to direct you to several related postings  that they believe will give you or your organization a good start in trying to answer the kind of questions listed above, as they relate to not just general risks or compliance requirements but more importantly, how those response relate to of may apply to your own particular organization.

Read the following articles to find potential answers to those questions as they might apply to your company:

Risk Chat: How Do Companies Manage GRC’s Growing Complexity?” by Eric Krell

The Top GRC Tech Trends for 2012” by Eric Krell

Risk Chat: How will Dodd-Frank Progress in 2012?” by Eric Krell

If you found this information pertinent to relevant challenges or opportunities in your own organization, then please forward this email (or share the article socially using the links below) to those business continuity, GRC,  or risk management team members  responsible for mitigating and resolving those risks associated with such activities.[jamiesocial]

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