You are free to use this puzzle as a learning tool to help business continuity planners and PS-Prep compliance team members become more familiar with the general terms used in most business continuity related standards or business continuity managment system (BCMS) frameworks.

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  • 1. business continuity plan
  • 2. the target time for resuming the delivery of a product or service to an acceptable level following its disruption
  • 3. means of delivering value for the customer by facilitating results the customer wants to achieve
  • 4. documented agreement between the service provider and the customer
  • 5. manage system to direct and control the service management activities of the service provider
  • 6. occurrence or change of a particular set of circumstances
  • 7. an unstable condition that requires urgent action to protect life, assets or the environment
  • 8. business continuity management
  • 9. American Society for Industrial Security
  • 10. the target set for the status and availability of data at the start of a recovery process
  • 11. Possible source of danger
  • 12. U.S. agency responsible for responding to wide area disasters and emergencies.
  • 13. National Emergency Management Association - U.S.
  • 14. National Fire Protection Association


  • 15. root cause of one or more incidents
  • 16. negative consequence
  • 17. detailed performance requirement applicable to the organization
  • 18. benchark measurement based on objectives, targets and defined industry standards
  • 19. sets the tone for an organization, influencing the consciousness of its people
  • 20. fulfillment of a requirement in a Management Systems context.
  • 21. an activity that is performed to evaluate the effectiveness or capabilities of a plan relative to specified objectives or measurement criteria
  • 22. maximum tolerable outage
  • 23. business continuity management system
  • 24. maximum acceptable outage
  • 25. capability assessment for readiness
  • 26. Evaluated consequence of a particular outcome
  • 27. hazardous operation

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