Emergency management planning teams need to be aware of the Firefighter’s Support Foundation’s (FSF) newest free training program. The program is titled, “Emergency Management for the Fire Service”, and, is in many ways a response to the fact that emergency management is becoming an ever more important function that the fire service provides to its communities.  Beyond its more than capable strict firefighting abilities, this training program drills down into each of the emergency management’s four (4) major components: preparation, response, recovery and mitigation.

This program consists of an 80-minute video program and an accompanying PowerPoint program. Firefighters and EMTs can view the video material with the PowerPoint file acting as their hard copy notes, or they can use either resource independently.

As part of this website’s efforts to promote disaster preparedness, business continuity readiness and organizational resiliency in harmony with adequate levels of community, family and personal preparedness, our staff recommends viewing this material and passing this information along others who share the goals and objectives of this free training program.

Click here to read more about this and to download the instructional video and PowerPoint presentation.

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