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For many of our readers who are members of first responder teams, our staff would like to point out the recent release of a First Responder Support Tool (FIRST) smartphone app by the DHS Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate First Responder Group.  The title of the smartphone application is FIRST-Bomb Response.

This application takes advantage of the public’s widespread use of smartphones’ information-sharing capabilities to provide a simple yet powerful bomb response tool, and, is available for the iPhone/iPad, Android, and Window PC smartphones.

This FIRST-Bomb Response app provides authorized first responders the information necessary to safely control incident locations, and, also provides information such as stand-off distances, rough damage and injury contours, nearby areas of concern (e.g., schools, daycare centers, etc.), as well as suggested roadblocks that could help isolate an incident. It also provides IED and HAZMAT guidelines, reference information, and points of contact to call for questions and assistance.

This useful tool also works with Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Evacuation and other commercial applications to provide necessary information to first responders. Information is then displayed on Google Maps. First responders can also easily distribute incident details and annotated map images by email or text message.

This support tool also can help answer those myriad of questions, assessments and decisions that first responders are called upon to answer —  even while the scene(s) around those first responder teams could be changing rapidly.

Questions such as…..

  1. Is the bomb real?
  2. How large is the potential blast radius?
  3. Where will we evacuate people?
  4. Are there any critical infrastructure or special-needs population centers in the vicinity?
  5. Any schools, hospitals nearby?
  6. What roads should be closed?
  7. Which roads should stay open for evacuees?

If your emergency management and/or first responder team would like to learn more about this smartphone application tool, CLICK HERE to view the Homeland Security News Wire website.

If applicable, please pass this information along to that disaster recovery, business continuity or risk management team in your organization and your community’s emergency response team network.

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