Photo courtesy of Dan Schmidt (NFA Photographer)

FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute  (EMI) is commemorating 60 years of emergency training in 2011.

EMI traces its heritage back to 1951 as the former Civil Defense Staff College that was created to develop and conduct emergency training at all levels of government in response to the Cold War.  This tremendous task of conducting national civil defense training was later transferred to Battle Creek, Michigan, in 1954.

In 1980, the Staff College moved to its current location in Emmitsburg, Maryland, and, was renamed the “Emergency Management Institute.” The new name reflected a change in its training mission to that of a broader responsibility — EMI trains and educates emergency personnel to effectively and efficiently respond to disasters regardless if it is natural or manmade in origin.

Many of our reader’s business continuity and risk management plans will often have a reference or dependency on utilizing the resources of the EMI.

If applicable, please pass this information along to those disaster recovery and disaster preparedness – possibly even PS-Prep strategy planning — team members in your organization or your community.

Click here  for more information about this anniversary as well as what other capabilities or emergency preparedness or management resources may be available and useful to those BC/DR teams.

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